If you need therapy, choose Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy. We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise and remarkable outcomes—customized to you.

Aquatic Physical Therapy
We offer aquatic therapy at an outside location for those that require the gentle touch of the water.  

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Balance and Mobility
Problems with balance, dizziness and movement can affect your ability to confidently do the activities you love. We Offer NeuroCom's® Balance Master computerized objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance. With visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface and in a stable or dynamic visual environment, the clinician can assess patients performing tasks ranging from essential daily living activities through high-level athletic skills. The objective data aids in the design of effective treatment and/or training programs focused on the specific sensory and motor components underlying a patient's functional limitations.
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Women's Health
We offer an innovative approach that's designed by women for women. Specialized care can offer life-changing results. 
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Sports Therapy
Our physical therapists help you get back in the game. We: 
  • Understand the complexities of high-level rehabilitation, and are experts in preventing, evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating injuries 
  • Coordinate care across multiple touch points, including physicians, parents and school/club officials
Visceral Mobilization
We offer a highly specialized manual therapy technique that addresses the body’s internal organs and the tissues that anchor them to one another and to the skeletal system.  LAPT offers visceral mobilization services as a specility or as an adjunct to physical therapy. 
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Pre/Post Surgery
Pre/post-operative rehab is all about getting you back on your feet, our therapists can effectively evaluate and treat complex pre and post surgery patients 
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  • Achieve faster recovery, resulting in decreased medical costs
  • Improve mobility and reduced pain
Specialty Therapies
We offer a number of specialized services to address your specific injury or needs. Specialty services are available at LAPT. 
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As a Service to you, we will call and verify your insurance coverage before you start physical therapy. 

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