Benefits for Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water helps with pain

Objective scientific studies, as well as reputable feedback from top clinicians, have indicated that aquatic physical therapy can considerably cut patient's expected rehabilitation times. In a healthcare environment, aquatic physical therapy allows patients to more quickly move through the system without compromising outcomes. Because it is relatively pain-free, patients are more compliant;

Similarly, aquatic therapy in a sports setting can get an athlete back “in the game” faster than ever.

Water helps with healing

Many people have turned to warm water as a healing element;

Physical and occupational therapists are similarly using the natural properties of water to help their patients speed up recovery, minimize the loss of range of motion (especially important when the injury is located in a joint), increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation. In a therapy pool, patients feel up to 80% lighter than on land depending on the depth of the water surrounding them. Thus, land-based therapy options like walking (and even running) can be undertaken without fear of reinjury.

As Kelly McFardand, PT, DPT has noted: “Aquatic therapy is an amazing state of the art option to incorporate into a patient’s rehabilitation program. We have been able to progress patients’ programs more quickly with so many different diagnoses . . .” McFarland’s positive observations have been echoed by other therapy professionals who have helped patients recover faster from fractures, sprains, broken bones, joint surgeries, ACL tears/repairs and more by getting them moving in an aquatic therapy pool as quickly as possible.

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