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Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of physical therapy to address dizziness, imbalance, difficulty maintaining clear vision and functional decline as a result of vestibular disorders.  A Vestibular disorder can cause permanent deficits, so therapy is often designed to allow compensation.  compensation involves the brain learning to use other senses (Vision and somatosensory, i.e. body sense) to substitute for the deficient vestibular system.  


The Neurocom® represents the most advanced balance and mobility assessment and treatment equipment available.  At Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy utilize the most advanced training possible for Vestibular rehabilitation.  


The techniques utilized in the NeurCom® were initially developed with support from NASA and later for the National Institute of Health. It has been used worldwide for scientific research for decades and is considered the "Gold Standard" for evaluation of balance impairments.

The results from the NeuroCom ® Balance Master are objective and individual: focusing rehabilitation on the right problem and eliminating any guesswork.

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