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Hip Pain: Don't Put off Physical Therapy

If you have hip pain, you may benefit from physical therapy to help control your symptoms and improve your overall functional mobility. Your physical therapy program should focus on decreasing or eliminating your pain, improving your hip range of motion and strength, and restoring normal functional mobility.

What Can You Do for Pain In Hips

The first recommendation I make, if the pain is not chronic, is to exercise correctly. The saying “No Pain, No Gain,” does not hold true when it comes to hip pain. Especially if the pain comes from arthritis. Switching to a low-impact exercise, like a stationary bike, stair stepper, rowing machine, or yoga are great options. Swimming is an excellent exercise that doesn’t place weight on your hips and knees.

Physical therapy can greatly improve the range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the joint to take pressure off of the joint.

When it comes to your hips there are 5 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. See your physical therapist if you have these issues with your hips, don't let it get worse and lead to knee and ankle pain.

1. Not being able to maintain your normal active lifestyle. If you find yourself not able to do the activities you normally enjoy, such as tennis, golf, cycling, or walking, you should see a physical therapist.

2. Pain that moves from the back of the hip to the front of the hip. When the biomechanics of the hip are not working correctly then the pain can move around.

3. Pain in the hip sitting and standing. This is a sign that there may be more involved and you need to get a physical therapy initial evaluation to see what other treatments may work for you to help your pain.

4. Difficulty doing simple tasks. Some patients will experience difficulty putting on shoes and socks or doing other simple activities, such as bending down.

5. Swelling. This is a sign that the joint capsule is not moving correctly and again the biomechanical chain needs to be corrected.

At Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy we can help your hip pain, call today 512 261-0620.

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