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Neck Pain Relief

The most common form of neck pain typically stems from poor posture, which puts extra tension on the neck muscles, irritates joints, and causes pain. Exercises can help reduce pain, increase mobility, and strengthen the neck and postural musculature.

Exercises may also help reduce neck tension and increase the range of movement in the neck. People experiencing severe neck pain should seek the advice of an experienced physical therapist to have a complete initial evaluation and to set up an specific treatment regime to help with neck pain.

The cervical spine is a highly mobile joint and requires support and mobility to keep the joints active. Neck exercise should be performed gently and routinely.

Common Causes for neck pain include:

1) Sleeping Incorrectly

2) Prolonged Incorrect Postures

3) Muscle Weakness

4) Inactivity

Sleeping on the stomach can also cause neck problems. A person can try to sleep on the back or on one side with a pillow between the knees. They can also use a supportive bed and pillow to keep the neck aligned with the spine.

Using a computer or phone for extended periods can lead to forward head posture, where the head projects forward from the spine. This can trigger symptoms such as dull pain across the back or sides of the neck that may spread to the upper back, shoulders, and head.

If a person adjusts their posture, they may reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain.

When seated, a person should aim to keep the head in line with the spine and avoid slouching. It may help to adjust the screen to eye level when using a computer.

When standing, a person should keep the shoulders, neck, and spine aligned to achieve the correct posture. They should avoid tilting the head forward.

Performing regular exercises like swimming, water exercises and upper extremity weight training and call help with decreasing you neck pain.

Remember a little ice pack a couple times a day can also help relieve some aches and pains in your neck.

Most important is to stay active and keep moving. If you experience neck pain that does not go away after trying these suggested tips, please call us at Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy we would be happy to help you get rid of your neck pain.

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