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Why Should You Choose Physical Therapy?

Have you been dealing with nagging pain or discomfort that has lingered a bit longer than you expected? Maybe not – perhaps you feel great, but you’ve noticed that your loved one has begun to decline in his or her functional ability. Have no fear; your physical therapist is here! Here are a few reasons why you should #ChoosePT (physical therapy) as a first treatment option: Physical therapists can help decrease pain by identifying the underlying problems that sit at the core of injuries. Physical therapists take on the challenge of decreasing inflammation, stiffness and soreness with manual therapies, strengthening interventions/exercises and soft tissue work to aid the body in its healing process. Physical therapy is effective in relieving pain in chronic conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that even when opioids are prescribed, patients should receive the lowest effective dosage. What’s more, the CDC’s guidelines note that opioids should be combined with nonopioid therapies, such as physical therapy.1 Physical therapists help patients move better. Whether a patient is having difficulty getting in and out of the bed, participating in recreational activities or just simply playing with his or her kids, physical therapy can help get patients back to the daily activities that they enjoy! Physical therapists develop treatment plans that are individualized based on the patient’s existing needs. This treatment plan is established by the therapist, but it will include the patient’s goals. After all, what good is a treatment plan that is geared toward goals that you aren’t interested in achieving? Physical therapy helps empower patients in taking ownership of their functional ability and gives them the integral means to be successful in that effort. Schedule a Free Assessment.

Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy we can not only help you with traditional land therapy but we add the ability to add aquatic physical therapy to help you achieve your goals. Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy offers a free assessments that are performed by a licensed clinician. This assessment helps the therapist guide the patient through their medical options, and includes a detailed subjective report of the patient’s musculoskeletal complaints, movement patterns, strength, range of motion, flexibility and/or joint integrity to identify existing impairments. If you have been dealing with injuries, pain or discomfort, take the first step in feeling better by choosing physical therapy and scheduling an appointment at Lakeway Aquatic Physical Therapy

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